The company Lions Workforce Solutions Private Limited offers a wide range of service-solutions for the human resource department, which is the cornerstone of every business. Business strategies, process and people outsourcing, recruitments, and training make up the core set of services. The company was founded in 1999 and initially operated out of a single, modest office in Delhi before expanding to encompass the entire country. By measuring its services at all levels, it has established a solid and stable foothold in the market over a period of 20+ years.

These features allow Lions Workforce to carry out a specific project while maintaining a macro perspective. A greater understanding of both sides of the conversation assists in finding the ideal match, whether it be in recruitment or training and development. It is important that we continue to be our many long-term clients’ only option and one-stop shop for all of their training and HR needs.

• 20+ years of extensive experience in training and human resources.
• Throughout all of India
• Teams that are specifically assigned to deal with financial, legal, tax, and labour difficulties.
o Have a web portal
o Reputable Job Boards
o Brand Recognition
o Ads in the newspaper
o Referral Employment
hiring gates
o Have a sizable data bank
Campus Employment
o An Up-to-Date Social Network
• Knowledgeable and skilled KMPs ( Key Managerial Personnel).