Temporary & Contractual Staffing

One of the fastest-growing contract staffing firms in India, Lion Work Force has a revolutionary philosophy that allows client enterprises to maintain productivity while utilising a temporary workforce. We give you the tools you need to deal with negative externalities so you can concentrate on your core competencies without being distracted by a workforce shortage. Being a creative contract staffing firm in India, we work with you as your HR Department to handle all personnel-related concerns, such as payroll, the Human Resource Information System (HRIS), and regulatory compliance for contract employees, without diverting your attention.

We guarantee our clients’ choice to use our services for their need for manpower outsourcing, and we handle all part of their workforce, from sourcing to exit. We used to say, “We take our clients end to end personnel management from their head to our head,” referring to everything we handle on their behalf. By giving our clients the option to outsource their staffing needs and freeing them up to concentrate on running and expanding their core businesses, we are able to increase business productivity.

Partnering with us will allow you to take advantage of the flexible labour market whether you are a small, medium-sized, or large firm. With offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Noida, we have extensive experience serving a variety of industries across Pan India, including supply chain, support services, contract salesforce recruitment, and blue-collar recruitment. We are one of the innovative companies that offers people management solutions and a pool of qualified workers in both high- and low-skilled vocations across a variety of secondary and tertiary industrial areas.

Benefits of association with one of the leading staffing agency in India like Lion Work force:

When you work with us as your staffing agency, you can get affordable staffing solutions.
• Easy management of human resources when your contract employees continue to be paid by us.
• Allow you to quickly modify the workforce ratio to reach the appropriate staff level when the economy is weak.
• High Returns on Investment since we enable you to cut costs associated with hiring, training, administration, and transaction.
• Sustainable business outcomes when we assist you in concentrating on your core competencies by contracting out people management duties to us.
• Simple management when we assume for your contract employees the obligations of being your employer under the law.
• Strict attention to corporate governance principles when ensuring contract employees’ regulatory compliance.
• A comprehensive HR information system (HRIS) to meet all of your HR management requirements

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