Permanent Recruitment & RP

Finding and keeping the proper intellectual talent can be challenging in the modern economy, which is constantly evolving and in which businesses compete for both real and intangible resources. People are an organization’s true asset and an important component of the winning strategy that is created and carried out to meet the business objectives. As one of the top employment firms with a base in Noida, India, Lion Work Force is committed to collaborating with businesses of all sizes and providing the best-fit permanent workforce across industries.

Our offering of human resources services for our clients across the nation includes a small but strategically significant portion from our permanent recruitment services business. We find permanent employees for our clients in India, and when each successful hire has been made and a replacement period has passed, we charge our clients a one-time recruitment fee. Logistics, Pharma, Telecom, Manufacturing, Electronics, FMCG, Retail, Hotels, Breweries, Education, Automotive, BPO & KPO, and E-commerce for both IT & Non-IT Profiles are the key industry sectors we service. With the assistance of our 150+ Team of Employment Specialists, we assist our clients with their permanent recruitment needs. We provide our services in accordance with our client’s demands for permanent hires at the next hierarchy level.

Being a reputable provider of people management solutions, we make sure that systems and procedures are integrated methodically, enabling clients to recruit, train, and keep highly skilled permanent personnel. By comprehending the skills, tendencies, and potential of the candidates and coordinating these with the current and upcoming company requirements, we catalyze the process of permanent recruiting.

When you use our permanent recruitment services, you can center your attention on your main line of business, which is what really important. You can be sure to acquire the best workers whose skill sets correspond with your organization’s goals when you use LWS as your go-to agency for permanent recruitment.

We devote resources to finding the top personnel in the sector, from examining resumes to selecting qualified applicants & interviewing them.


  • Being aware of your needs
  • Create the Strategy
  • Choosing the best talent for a shortlist
  • Making the job offer official and on-boarding

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